Is Real Estate SEO Dead?

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Is Real Estate SEO Dead?

from admin on 03/02/2016 12:01 PM

Is Real Estate SEO Dead?

Hi - I don't post here often, but when I have an issue related to SEO, I always drop in. So, you can ignore me if post frequency is important to you, but I think this is an interesting question. Maybe I'm the last one to figure this out, but it sure surprised me.


I did the following searches on Google:

Cleveland OH homes for sale

Naples FL homes for sale

fort myers fl homes for sale
bonita beach fl homes for sale
bonita springs fl homes for sale

tampa fl homes for sale

san antonio tx homes for sale

new braunfels tx homes for sale

Pittsburgh PA Homes for Sale

White Oak PA Homes for Sale
bethel park pa homes for sale

Atlanta GA Homes for Sale

Peachtree City GA Homes for Sale
Senoia GA Homes for Sale

Virtually all of the results on the first page of Google are portals or big box brokerage sites. The only place an individual's listing showed was in the Google map listings. The bulleted items are small towns around the major one. Even the really small town first pages were without individual real estate sites. The only place I found a good number of individual listings was for neighborhoods/communities within a town. Egaad.

I also searched: Phoenix AZ homes for sale
Traditionally, that has had a lot of strong individual sites clogging the first page of results. Now, Matt Pellerin is #7, but he's been on the Internet forever. And, PhoenixRealEstateGuy is on page 4, tho since he's with Zillow now, maybe he isn't keeping the SEO up on his site.

Do you think this indicates that real estate sites should be doing more PPC than SEO? And, any SEO that is done should be focused on getting good rankings in Google Places or whatever they're calling it now? Are a lot of you here on the forum ranking for short or long-tail city terms?


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