Neighborhood Page IDX Content Formatting

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Neighborhood Page IDX Content Formatting

from admin on 03/02/2016 12:03 PM

Neighborhood Page IDX Content Formatting

Hey everyone,


I am having a little trouble deciding the format of my neighborhood pages.

I want to follow the format given here:
my problem is that I really like the featured communities snippet but the way we have it just takes up too much space and the homes are just too far down the page. (I tried to fix that with an anchor link but I still don't think it's as effective as it can be)

Here is an example of that: (We plan to have more textual content very soon so don't mind that - just imagine there's 4-6 paragraphs.)

I don't want to but I may have to get rid of the map and put in less pictures in the featured communities snippet or just have it at the bottom of the page or remove it altogether.

Any insight or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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